7 movies that every event professional should watch

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7 movies that every event professional should watch

Lights, camera, action! As event professionals, creating a successful event requires much behind-the-scenes work. From brainstorming ideas to coordinating logistics, the job of an event organizer can be both challenging and rewarding. One way to gain valuable insight and inspiration for your next event is by watching movies showcasing the power of events and the magic they can create. In this blog post, we've compiled a list of seven must-watch movies that every event professional should add to their watchlist. Whether you're looking to learn from the best in the industry or simply seeking creative inspiration, these movies will captivate and entertain you. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to be inspired by these cinematic masterpieces. See below the 7 films for organizers that we selected.

1. Fyre (2019) - fyre festival

This documentary film tells the story of the failed Fyre Festival. This highly-publicized luxury music festival was supposed to occur on a private island in the Bahamas in 2017. The movie explores the chaotic planning process that led to the festival's failure, including the lack of preparation, mismanagement, and fraud. While the film can be a cautionary tale for event organizers, it also highlights the importance of transparency and honesty in event planning.

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2. The First Monday in May (2016)

This documentary follows the planning and execution of the 2015 Met Gala, one of the most highly-anticipated events in the fashion industry. The movie explores the creative process behind the event, including theme development, guest list selection, and the exhibits' preparation. The film highlights the importance of attention to detail and creativity in event planning and how even minor details can significantly impact the event's success.

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3. The Big Night (1996)

The comedy-drama tells the story of two Italian brothers who run a struggling restaurant in New Jersey. They plan a big night featuring a famous Italian singer to save their business. The movie explores event planning challenges, including marketing, budgeting, and execution. The film highlights the importance of perseverance and dedication in event planning and the value of creating unique and memorable experiences for guests.

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4. The Greatest Showman (2017)

This musical tells the story of P.T. Barnum and his journey to create the most incredible show on earth. With its stunning musical numbers and elaborate set designs, this movie is perfect for event organizers looking to create visually and audibly captivating events. The film emphasizes the importance of creativity and innovation in event planning and highlights the power of spectacle in captivating an audience.

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5. C'est la vie! (2017)

This French comedy follows the story of a wedding planner named Max, who is in charge of organizing a lavish wedding at a 17th-century chateau. The movie explores the chaotic and often comical planning process, including the challenges of working with difficult clients, managing a large team of vendors, and dealing with unexpected disasters. The film highlights the importance of flexibility and problem-solving in event planning.

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6. Home by Spring (2018)

This romantic drama follows the story of a young woman named Loretta who returns to her hometown to help her family's struggling business. While there, she discovers her passion for event planning and takes on the challenge of organizing the town's annual spring festival. The movie explores the challenges of event planning on a small scale, including the importance of community involvement and the power of personal connections in creating successful events.

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7. Christmas at Pemberley Manor (2018)

This romantic holiday movie follows the story of a young event planner named Elizabeth who is tasked with organizing a Christmas festival at the historic Pemberley Manor. Along the way, she falls in love with the man who owns the estate. The movie highlights the importance of attention to detail and creativity in event planning, especially when creating a magical and festive atmosphere. It also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and communication in creating successful events.

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In conclusion, these 7 organizer films offer valuable insights and lessons for everyone involved in organizing an event. From exploring the importance of attention to detail and creativity to the challenges of managing a team of vendors and dealing with unexpected disasters, each film offers unique perspectives on the event planning process. By watching these films, event organizers can gain new ideas and approaches to their work and be better equipped to deal with the challenges of planning and executing successful events. Whether you're a seasoned event professional or just starting out in the industry, these films are a must-see for anyone looking to improve their skills and learn from the best in the business.

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