Team Building Activities: 7 Fun Ideas to Improve Collaboration

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Team Building Activities: 7 Fun Ideas to Improve Collaboration

Team building is creating and developing a cohesive group of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal. The Importance of team building cannot be overstated, as it is essential to any successful organization or business. Companies may struggle to meet their targets, maintain high morale, or survive in today's highly competition I’ve marketplace without a strong team.

Activities are designed to help individuals come together as a team, build trust and strengthen their relationships. These activities can take many forms, from problem-solving challenges to social events, and can be tailored to the specific needs and goals of the team. The benefits of team building activities can be significant, including improved communication, increased productivity, higher employee morale and a positive work environment.

Because of that, we’ll cover some of the best team-building activities in this blog post. We will go into deep dive into the most engaging and effective ones, and then let us plan and execute them so we can create stronger bonds in your team. Whether you are a business owner, team leader, or a member of a team looking to strengthen your relationships and boost your performance, you can check out the entire catalog of team-building activities on our website here! HERE! So, let’s take a look at the first game idea.

1. Road Monster

Your team must build their own Road Monster vehicle for this team-building activity. You need a chassis, materials, creative spirit, and team cooperation. The task is dynamic and requires a thoughtful allocation of resources.

Once the vehicle is ready, the design is complete, and the driver and co-driver are warmed up, it's time to race.

Team building is intended for everyone, regardless of age and fitness. Road Monster can be performed indoors or outdoors, suitable for travel and conferences where you want to entertain the crowd. The Road Monster activity lasts about 2 hours and can be performed in Serbian or English.

Road Monster F1 Team building Race
Road Monster F1 Team building Race


An activity that sounds complicated but is far from it. First of all, it's a fun and creative activity where we divide the employees into teams that have tasks to create a script, shoot a film, act in it, and finally edit their own film. This activity brings the employees together to cooperate in each part of the task while emphasizing the creativity of all participants.

Each team receives a tablet with which to record, and after editing, the teams will have a film of about 3 minutes in length. The fun begins when the themes and genres are chosen, where parts of the movies can be situations we encounter every day at work. At the end, the premiere of all the films is organized, and the best Oscars for the best film, the best actor or actress and the best supporting actor or actress will be awarded. This unusual teambuilding activity lasts between 2 and 3 hours and can be done in Serbian or English.

pazi snima se team building

You can write to us to book an appointment or for additional information HERE!

3. Drawing workshop

A drawing workshop led by a graduate academic artist can further contribute to the creativity and awareness of new talents of the participants. This workshop calms the participants because through art they can learn new skills and get to know themselves.

Each participant receives a canvas and drawing material (brush and paints) and starts painting in agreement with the artist. The workshop lasts about 3 hours and can be conducted in Serbian or English.

4. Wine education and degustation

This team building is educational in nature for wine lovers who want to expand their knowledge about wine. With a professional sommelier, you will have the opportunity to learn many things when it comes to French and Serbian wines:

  • how wine growing regions are divided
  • what varieties of wine exist
  • how to properly taste wine
  • recognizing by the shape of the bottle where the wine comes from
  • which food goes with which wine
  • which glasses are used for which wine
  • etc.

Along with wine education, we also organize a tasting of a certain number of wines, and in that case you can immediately put all the theories into practice. This team building can last from 1 to 3 hours, depending on what you want for your team.

Wine education can be organized online or live, in English or Serbian.

Vinska edukacija i degustacija srbija team building

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5. Float or sink

Are you creative enough to make a floating ship out of cardboard? This activity asks you to do just that and believe me, it is possible! You need good teamwork, few materials, and a lot of creativity to build a sailing ship. We divide the employees into teams where, within a given period of time, they have the task of designing and building a cardboard ship, choosing a captain, and winning a race on the water.

The location can be a lake, river, sea, or swimming pool, and this team building takes 2-3 hours. The winning team takes home the title of shipbuilder of the year!

For more information and planning your team-building, contact us!

Team Building Srbija Plovi ili Toni

6. Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz is a team-building activity where fun is guaranteed. Employees are divided into teams of 4-6 people, where they then answer questions from 7-8 different areas. By answering questions, the team can collaborate on answers and get to know each other better.

Contestants should have drinks available for consumption during the quiz.

The pub quiz is designed to have a series of questions followed by a series of music where the music adds to the atmosphere. In addition, it is desirable to organize a drink that the employees will consume during the quiz. This game will take you about 90 minutes.

pab kviz team building
pab kviz team building


The Olympics is a game when you want to activate your employees both physically and mentally. Teams compete in various games where they need to cooperate as a team and create the best tactics to solve the given game. The games are adapted to the physical fitness of the employees, which we define in the conversation with the company.

This activity can be held both outdoors and indoors. The duration is about 2 hours. The winning team takes home the gold medal and the title of Olympic champion of the company.

team building olimpijada timske igre


To conclude, team building activities are a fantastic way to encourage cooperation and improve communication among colleagues. With the seven fun ideas discussed in this blog post, you can tailor your team building efforts to the specific needs and interests of your group. Investing time and resources in these activities will create a more positive and enjoyable work environment and develop a more productive and efficient team. So whether you're planning a company gathering or a simple weekly activity, remember that team building can be a powerful tool for boosting morale, building trust and achieving success.

For any additional information regarding the activity, you can write to us at contact@olidool.com or via the contact form HERE!

You can download the complete catalog of team building activities HERE!

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